TWICE outranked by rookie groups in MMA’s voting, netizens discuss if they’re no longer at peak popularity

TWICE’s current ranks at MMA’s voting make Korean netizens believe it’s time for TWICE to “pass the throne” down to juniors of the 4th generation. 

On November 10, a topic titled “TWICE’s heyday is over” attracted much attention on Pann Nate. The original poster cites screenshots of the voting results at 2021 MMA, in which TWICE ranks lower than rookie girl groups like aespa, STAYC.

TWICE outranked MMA 2021
TWICE surpassed by Oh My Girl, aespa, STAYC in the voting for “Best Female Group” 
TWICE outranked MMA 2021
In the “TOP10 Bonsang” category, TWICE could not enter the top 10, outranked by STAYC, Brave Girls

Netizens think that the JYP girl group’s popularity has declined after they hit their peak, and it’s time for the juniors of the 4th generation to “take the spotlight”. Not only in MMA voting, but based on the digital performance in 2021, rookie groups also did better than TWICE. Notably, SM’s new girl group aespa has been on the rise throughout the year, getting more outstanding achievements compared to their seniors. Recently, aespa was also honored to be included in the top of “Best Artist of 2021” survey by Joy News 24.

TWICE outranked MMA 2021
TWICE’s popularity is considered to be decreasing 
TWICE outranked MMA 2021
TWICE’s achievement in 2031 is less outstanding than aespa 

However, according to TWICE’s fans, the group not getting higher ranks in MMA voting is not at all a surprise. Since 2018 until now, TWICE has stopped attending MMA, so Korean fans of the group are no longer interested in this award. Although it’s true that aespa and STAYC are both trending girl groups of 2021, TWICE’s solid impact and position in the industry are not something that can easily be replaced.

  • TWICE has passed its heyday, but TWICE’s heyday is still better than many new girl groups’.
  • In 2019, fans voted for TWICE to enter the Top 10 Bonsang, but MMA crossed out the group’s name.  Since then, fans have lost interest in MMA.
  • It’s a very common phenomenon.  There is a way up, there will also be a down day and there will be a generational change.  However, the achievements that TWICE had at their peak are very difficult to be surpassed
  • How can Gen 4 groups beat the achievements of Cheer Up, TT, Knock Knock, Signal, Likey, Heart Shaker, What’s Love, Dance The Night Away, Yes Or Yes or Feel Special?

On the morning of November 10, JYP announced that the new album Formula of Love: O+T=<3 had reached 630,000 pre-orders. This is an increase of more than 130,000 copies from the 10th mini album Taste of Love released in June. With this amount of orders, TWICE will soon surpass 7.2 million copies on Gaon, and a total of 10.4 million copies sold in the Korean and Japanese markets. The album Formula of Love: O+T=<3 and the title song “Scientist” of TWICE will be officially released on November 12.

TWICE outranked MMA 2021

TWICE – Scientist MV Teaser 2

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