Red Velvet won 1st place on music show after 2 years and got called “encore queens” for showcasing excellent live singing

Red Velvet’s live singing ability has always been appreciated. After almost 2 years without a group comeback, the girls’ skills are still getting compliments.

Red Velvet has just made a comeback after nearly 2 years of absence with Queendom. The group is currently in the middle of promotions on weekly music shows. On August 26, the group had a performance on M!Countdown and won 1st place for Queendom against TXT. This is also the first music show win that Red Velvet has achieved after a long time without a comeback.

Thanks to this victory, fans were able to enjoy the live encore performance of 5 Red Velvet girls. Wearing extremely refreshing and energetic outfits, Red Velvet‘s visuals really shine. In addition, the live singing of 5 members as if they were “eating the CDs” has truly impressed the viewers.

Netizens who watched the encore even called Red Velvet the “encore queens”:

 – Everything is perfect, from visuals, outfits to vocals.

 – Queendom is really good, the more I watch their stage, the more I enjoy the song.

 – The encore queens are here.

 – Their live singing will make many girl groups tremble.

 – Wendy’s high notes never disappoint


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