The series of photos accurately describing the reality of the current Kpop most populous boy group, causing Knet to wonder: ‘Do they know each other’s names?’

If you think that a group of more than 10 members would have considered too many, these pictures will definitely make you think again.

The award ceremony “Asia Artist Awards 2020” took place on the evening of November 28 gathered a large number of famous singers, actors, and groups from inside and outside Korea.  Each artist who attended left a special impression on the audience, in which, NCT soon became the topic of discussion for a surprising reason.  

At “AAA 2020”, NCT appeared on the red carpet and on stage to receive the award with all 23 members.  It can be said that they are the boy group with the most members in Kpop today, and it seems that the audience has never seen a group with such a large number of members appear together at an event.

For this reason, NCT’s series of photos at “AAA 2020” has received special attention from netizens on online forums in Korea.  Many people even half-jokingly wonder if the boys know each other’s names when in such a group with so many members.

– “Do the members know each other’s names?”

 – “After all, a system like AKB has also appeared in Korea”

 – “They look like a Japanese idol group”

 – “I know their names … I can recognize the members’ voices when listening to the group’s songs even though I have no intention of doing so, but it turns out the reality of the group is like this”

 – “But there are many handsome members …”

 – “After that, NCT will continue to add more members in the future ??”

 – “And the number of NCT members is more than my friends.”

 – “NCT 2050”

– “Wow, there are more NCT members than my classmates !!”

 At “Asia Artist Awards 2020”, NCT won a total of 4 awards including Daesang Album of The year, Best Artist Award for NCT 127, Emotive Award for NCT Dream, and Asia Celebrity Award for WayV.

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