Youtuber reveals the identity of the married male star who played golf with women working at entertainment establishments in Japan

Netizens have started to guess the identity of the top star who played golf with women working at entertainment establishments in Japan.

Earlier on November 22nd, SBS Entertainment News reported that top star A, a married man in his 40s, enjoyed golf grounding with CEO B of a Korean entertainment company and two women in their 30s and 40s at a luxury golf resort in Chiba, Japan. 

bi rain top star a

According to reports, these women are working at a Korean entertainment establishment in Akasaka, Japan with illegal visas. CEO B paid for the dinner, including golf and alcohol expenses, for four people with his company card. Above all, the day the four met was 2 days after the Itaewon crowd crush disaster happened. In particular, it was during the national mourning period, when most broadcasters canceled entertainment broadcasts and many artists postponed scheduled performances and events. 


In this regard, CEO B said, “It was a meeting with A to discuss the casting of a drama jointly produced by Korean and Japanese companies”. A also explained, “I had no idea that those women are working in an entertainment establishment. We met for the first time just before playing golf. We didn’t even go to the bar”.

While the face and name of top star A has not yet been disclosed, many netizens have begun to find out who A is. 


On November 23rd, a video titled, “I’ll reveal the identity of A, the top star who played golf with entertainment establishment women in Japan”, was uploaded on the Youtube channel of a cyber wrecker.

In the thumbnail photo of the video, the face of a familiar male star appears. This person married a famous actress and even had children.


This Youtuber claimed that the speculated male star was in Japan during the time mentioned in the golf scandal based on the fact that he was seen in a photo taken at a cafe in Tokyo with his wife around that time. 

However, this is just a guess, and it hasn’t been confirmed whether the male star revealed by the Youtuber is the main character of the controversy.

Source: insight

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