How CEO Kwon Jin Young controled Lee Seung Gi, the horror of “gaslighting”

“What is wrong with Lee Seung Gi?” That must be the most frequently asked question after the story of Lee Seung Gi being exploited for 18 years was reported.

Lee Seung Gi is not a fool. Does this make sense?” In fact, Dispatch couldn’t believe it at first. So we compared (by pulling all-nighters) almost all of his deposits and withdrawals. But indeed, the settlement related to his songs that he had received was 0 won.

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Why on earth did Lee Seung Gi do that? In conclusion, it’s the horror of gaslighting.

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Lee Seung Gi has quite a lot of income from dramas, entertainment shows, and advertisements. His appearance fee is quite high. Of course, the settlement of this part has been made and transferred to him exactly. Lee Seung Gi was satisfied with his income. That’s why he didn’t want to challenge the company just to hear that “You’re a minus singer.”

Manager Lee Seung Gi explained this part in detail.

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He reported that the CEO always said, “You’re a minus singer. Your fans don’t spend money, but they keep demanding. You make a lot of money out of something else. Just think of singing as a fan service.” As she had brainwashed him like that, from Lee Seung Gi’s point of view, he would choose not to be scolded rather than receiving money.

Manager of Lee Seung Gi showed the chat window he had with CEO Kwon Jin Young to prove the oppression, surveillance, and power trip they had been under.

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“Just use your personal credit card”

“What the hell is wrong with the parking fees?”

“Seung Gi is a mess like that because you are behaving like this”

Of course, there are times when CEO Kwon Jin-young is kind. Specifically, when her surbodiantes are on personal errands.

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“Please take XX and 2 cards and go to Burberry and pay for the clothes. It’s 300, so take two cards.”

After the article on Lee Seung Gi’s 18 years of slavery was published, reports from different sources started poured in. According to employees of a L brand store, whenever she appears, the staff tells each other to keep quiet and don’t ask her any question. Another staff said he was valeting a Ferrari when Kwon finished shopping but suddenly, she screamed, “Hey, you XX. You get off. Why are you making noise when I’m passing by? You made me feel threatened. Tell all the staff here to come out.”

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The L employees said, “That’s Hook’s CEO. Nobody can say anything because of she is a big spender here.”

Finally, let’s go back to November 17th. It is the day when CEO Kwon Jin Young urgently convened the agency’s directors and managers after Lee Seung Gi sent his proofs of contents.

At the time, the manager of Lee Seung Gi thought about how to protect himself, which is why he entered the meeting with the recorder on. Let’s listen to it.

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Why did Lee Seung Gi get attacked? Gaslighting is this scary.

Source: Dispatch

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