11 Omega X members won the injunction against their agency to suspend the validity of their exclusive contracts

All 11 members of boy group Omega X won the injunction against their agency Spire Entertainment to suspend the validity of their exclusive contracts.

This decision will allow Omega X members to continue their entertainment activities freely without restrictions from their agency.

On Jan 11th, the 21st Civil Affairs Department of the Seoul Eastern District Court decided to accept the request for injunction to suspend the exclusive contracts signed with Spire Entertainment by 11 members.

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Earlier in November last year, 11 Omega X members revealed that they were verbally abused and assaulted by their agency’s CEO Kang through a press conference. They also announced that they would file an injunction to suspend the validity of their exclusive contracts, claiming that they were forced to do unfair acts such as drinking, sexual contact and concerts even after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

The court said, “It is judged that it is difficult to maintain a normal contractual relationship due to the collapse of the basic trust relationship. If the judgment on the validity of the exclusive contracts is prolonged, independent entertainment activities are expected to be greatly restricted.

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In particular, the court acknowledged that the verbal and physical abuse that occurred to the members were not accidental, that former CEO Kang used suspension of activities several times as a means of threatening the members, and that the trust relationship was damaged due to violating the members’ personal rights, such as canceling flight tickets to return to Korea after the U.S. concert.

Source: Nate

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