aespa Karina watched ITZY Ryujin’s livestream because she couldn’t sleep

A recent livestream by ITZY Ryujin proves that the female idol maintains a strong friendship with aespa Karina. 

Recently in a livestream with fans on SNS, ITZY Ryujin suddenly received a message from aespa Karina via messaging platform Kakaotalk. Upon receiving the notification, a smile took over Ryujin’s face, warming the heart of fans. 


In addition, Ryujin also shared the content of Karina’s message, saying, “My sister, Jimin, just texted. She said she has been trying to go to sleep since 10 PM but was unable to fall asleep. So, she watched my livestream. Jimin, Ryujin, and MIDZY (fandom of ITZY), it’s about time we go to sleep.” 

Afterwards, before ending her livestream, Ryujin even called Karina “jagi” (an endearment term which is equivalent to “babe”).

Seeing the two’s interaction, fans are extremely excited, and even joked that the two female idols are “dating”. 

A topic about Ryujin and Karina’s friendship and their interaction in the live even made it to the hot topic of Korean forum Pann. 

Source: Pann, Twitter

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