“King of communication” BTS V fluttered fans’ hearts with his cute confession, “I will study more about Instagram and come back”

A lovely situation in which BTS V expressed his desire to study how to use Instagram to communicate with fans has been revealed.

On February 22nd, V surprised fans by posting “Ask Anything” on his Instagram Story. On this day, V was confirmed to have completely recovered from Covid-19 and he resumed daily activities based on quarantine measures.

A moment after uploading the “Ask Anything” post, V posted a cute selfie video asking, “Where can I see the questions?”, drawing laughter. V opened the “Ask Anything” corner to communicate with fans, but he couldn’t know how to see the questions that fans wrote.

In the video, V captivated fans with his handsome bare face against the background of his room full of exercise equipment. Wearing a black knit with a slightly tangled natural hairstyle, V showed off his flawless appearance even though he took the selfie from the bottom angle with one hand while the other hand was holding his chin.


With a humble expression, he held back his laughter and said, “I will study (how to use Instagram) and come back”, with a video of him covering his face with his hands.

Although the video was short and only lasted for 2 seconds, fans showed excitement as they were able to see V’s handsomeness, lovely and warmhearted heart trying to communicate with fans.

On February 23rd, V posted a friendly two-shot photo taken with his dog Yeontan, drawing attention from fans. In a comfortable and drowsy atmosphere, V and Yeontan made similar expressions while looking at the camera.


In particular, the cute moment when Yeontan winked with his one eye then V also winked along fluttered the heart of fans.

Meanwhile, Canadian singer-songwriter Aria Ohlsson was surprised to know that her song “Love on the Weekend” was used as the background music for V’s video. She then expressed her gratitude towards him on Instagram.

In response, fans commented, “If I were Taehyung, I would look in the mirror and study my face”, “Please open another ‘Ask Anything’!! I’m waiting”, “Taehyung ah, there is a thing called Instagram Live”, “What should we do with this cute guy?”, “I’m tired of complimenting your handsomeness. But it’s the truth, just like ‘Earth is spinning’”, “Taehyungie is so lovely”, “Taehyung with Yeontan is the ‘happiness’ button that can heal me”, “(Yeon)tan ah, stay healthy. Let’s be happy for a long time”, etc.

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