Lee Teuk appears with an ‘actress vibe’ in some gender swap photos

Super Junior Lee Teuk has just surprised fans with his transformation into a woman.

In the evening of September 7, Lee Teuk posted a short video on his Instagram and wrote: “Is this me? It’s hard to follow the trend. I couldn’t do it so fans made this for me.”

In the video, Lee Teuk transformed into a woman using a swap gender app. The woman version of Lee Teuk has distinct facial features; “she” appeared in long straight hair and light makeup that created an innocent beauty.

In response to the swap gender photos, fans commented, “Why do you look so pretty?” “I’m jealous because you are even more beautiful than me”, “I want to laugh because you look so pretty”, “Isn’t she your twin sister?”

Meanwhile, Lee Teuk was chosen as the MC for an entertainment program called “Candy Singers”, which will be aired on September 8. In addition, he is currently hosting DongaTV’s program “Beauty and Luxury Season 6”.

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