NewJeans tells the story of youth in winter through new MV “Ditto” with the 90s vibe and a mysterious atmosphere

NewJeans unveiled the music video for their new song “Ditto” with a retro style and recalled emotions of youth dramas in the 90s.

NewJeans (Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, Hyein) released the song “Ditto” at 6 p.m. on December 19th. This is their first new song in four months since the release of the girl group’s album “NewJeans” in August. 

“Ditto” is the pre-release song from the new single album “OMG”, which will be released on January 2nd next year. The song, which is a Baltimore club dance genre track mixed with hip-hop breakbeats and house, shows the unique color of NewJeans well. In particular, member Minji also participated in writing the lyrics.

newjeans ditto

The girl group, which impressed music listeners with “NewJeans color” in their debut album released in midsummer, continued to present new charms through a winter concept. After telling the story of love that gives warmth in the summer, NewJeans expresses the coldness of winter with a mysterious melody this time. 

newjeans ditto

In addition, NewJeans left a deep impression with their unique promotion for the debut album. This time, they continued the make a strange move by introducing two music videos for “Ditto” at the same time. 

The two-part music video tells a movie-like story of NewJeans and Bunnies (fandom). The MV begins like a home video showing five members in school uniforms. It was made with a retro vibe, which is the trademark of NewJeans, and a mysterious feeling. Especially, actor Choi Hyun Wook and Park Ji Hu appeared as cameos, creating a heart-fluttering atmosphere.

newjeans ditto

Source: Daum

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