“I’m afraid my mom will be sad…” the student in “Goblin” who made everyone cry 6 years ago, where is she now?

Actress Park Se-wan returns with the original Watcha series “Ultimate Weapon ALICE”.

There were several episodes that made viewers cry on tvN’s “Goblin,” which can be called a national drama now.

Among them, there was an episode of a deceased student who made many viewers cry. She was one of the spirits who wandered around the main character Ji Eun-tak (Kim Go-eun). She had a timid personality and always appeared in a very simple costume, a ponytail, and glasses. 

Goblin poster

She seemed so ordinary and timid that she seemed to have no presence in the story at all, but one day she asked Ji Eun-tak to do something. She asked her to fill the refrigerator of the Gosiwon where she lived with food. She asked for such a thing because she was afraid that her mother would be sad when she visits her Gosiwon after finishing the funeral. 

Actress Park Se-wan goblin

Thanks to the Goblin (Gong Yoo), Ji Eun-tak brings food prepared in the refrigerator of the hotel where she stays to fill the student’s refrigerator, and shows her sincerity by cleaning the room. Thanks to this, the test-taker student’s mother is relieved with tears, and the ghost who watched this shows her gratitude to Eun-tak before going to the afterlife. 

Although it was just a short appearance, six years later, the actress who played the test-taker, who still left a strong memory in the mind of the fans of “Goblin,” will appear in various works as a super rookie actress highly expected by the film and drama industry. Her name is Park Se-wan.

Actress Park Se-wan goblin
Actress Park Se-wan goblin

Having appeared consistently in dozens of short films and supporting roles in dramas, she was recognized for her potential by starring in the drama “Something in the Rain” and the movie “No Mercy.”

Actress Park Se-wan

She has recently appeared in the movies “Collectors” and Netflix’s “So Not Worth It,” and is growing into a trustworthy actress with her own “talent.” Originally, she should have received more attention as Yeom Jung-ah’s child in the movie “Life is Beautiful,” which should have been released around 2020 and 2021, but she is expected to become more famous if the movie is released soon. 

Actress Park Se-wan

Before that film is released, Park Se-wan will appear in a Watcha original series as the main character. It’s “Ultimate Weapon ALICE”. “Ultimate Weapon ALICE” is a hardcore action romance about a school life colored with blood, with a transfer student named “Winter,” who has to hide her identity as a killer, and a handsome crazy guy called “Summer,” who conquered the school with non-violence, being chased by a criminal organization.

Ultimate Weapon ALICE
ultimate weapon alice

Park Se-wan will play the role of “Winter” (aka Alice), a hidden born-to-be killer. “Winter” looks like an ordinary high school student on the surface, but she turns out to be a mysterious transfer student who has fled the world of killers. In the trailer released, you can see her fierce and charming appearance, giving her cute appearance a different twist. “Ultimate Weapon ALICE” consists of a total of eight episodes on Watcha, and will be released sequentially every Friday after its first release on June 24th (Fri).

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