Seo Ye-ji and Im Soo-hyang are all defeated… The actress who topped the Drama Search Response Chart in the 1st week of June is?

Good Data announced the “TV Search Response” ranking in the first week of June, drawing attention.

The TV hot topic search company Good Data Corporation released a list of “TOP 10 Drama TV Search Responses/ Issue Keywords (1st week of June)” on June 9th.

According to the announcement, actress Seo Hyun-jin of SBS’s “Why Her” beat No.2 Seo Ye-ji (tvN’s “Eve”) and No.3 Im Soo-hyang (MBC’s “Doctor Lawyer”) to rank 1st place in the TOP 10 Drama Cast Keywords.

seo ye-ji

Good Data Corporation announces TV hot topics and search responses every week based on the results of netizens searching for TV programs, casts, and related issues on portal sites.

Seo Hyun-jin is currently receiving favorable reviews for her passionate performance as Oh Soo-jae, a star lawyer who becomes a professor at a high school of law.

seo hyun jin

The drama contains law court romance between Oh Soo-jae, a cold-hearted lawyer who loses everything after only pursuing success, and Gong Chan, a law school student who is not afraid of anything.

Seo Hyun-jin attracted keen attention even before the drama’s official broadcast by showing off her sophisticated visual after losing weight for her character in “Why Her”.

Seo Hyun-jin

Meanwhile, the names that appeared in the TOP 10 Drama Cast Keywords are Seo Hyun-jin, Seo Ye-ji, Im Soo-hyang, Park Byung-eun (tvN’s “Eve”), Jung Eun-hye (tvN’s “Our Blues”), Kim Jung-hwan (tvN’s “Our Blues”), Heo Jun-ho (SBS’s “Why Her”), Lee Sang-yeop (tvN’s “Eve”), Kwon Sang-woo (SBS’s “Why Her”), and Yoo Sun (tvN’s “Eve”).


In addition, the Drama TV Search Responses Ranking revealed simultaneously shows SBS’s “Why Her”, tvN’s “Our Blues”, MBC’s “Doctor Lawyer”, tvN’s “Eve”. KBS2’s Bloody Heart”, “It’s Beautiful Now”, “Gold Mask”, JTBC’s “Cleaning Up”, MBC’s “From Now On, Showtime!”, and JTBC’s “The Woman Who Lives in Misfortune” in the TOP 10.


Source: wikitree

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