What makes BTS’s third attempt at the Grammys extra special?

BTS’s last attempt at the Grammys before military enlistment is drawing expectations.

Kpop boy group BTS is going to take on their 3rd Grammy challenge. Right ahead of the members’ military enlistment, the group got nominated at the Grammy Awards for 3 consecutive years, making it even more meaningful.

Previously on November 15th, the nomination list for the 65th Grammy Awards was announced. Here, BTS was named as a nominee in the categories for “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance” and “Best Music Video” with “My Universe”, their collaboration with British band Coldplay, and “Yet To Come”, respectively.


BTS’ collaboration with Coldplay, which swept through the global music market this year, has also become a new variable that raises expectations for the group’s chances at Grammy Awards.

In addition, Coldplay’s 9th regular album “Music Of The Spheres”, in which BTS participated in the vocals and song production, was nominated in the “Album of the Year” category, sp this can also be considered an official nomination for BTS. Therefore, BTS will be competing in a total of three categories at the 2023 Grammys.

In the case of the “Album of the Year” category, which is one of the four main awards, not only the artist who released the album, but also the featured artists, composers, producers, recording engineers, and mixing and mastering engineers, will be honored. Accordingly, if “Music Of The Spheres” is named the winner for this category, BTS will receive the award as well, as a featured artist.

Over the past two years, BTS has been nominated at the Grammy Awards with global mega-hits such as “Dynamite” and “Butter”. However, despite the remarkable results and huge popularity, the results ended up disappointing. In response, some pointed out the consistent problem of the Grammys, which has been infamous for centering on white artists and its conservative tendencies, as the reason for not handing out the awards. Considering this situation, the fact that BTS’s award spectrum has been expanded through their collaboration with Coldplay is now interpreted more positively.

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It is undeniable that BTS is a big star who has already established a solid position in the US local music market, regardless of whether or not they are able to win a Grammy. However, the reason why many people are focused on BTS winning the upcoming Grammy Awards or not is because of their mandatory military service.

Starting with the enlistment of the group’s oldest member Jin at the end of this year, as the members are expected to announce their enlistment one by one, this is considered the last chance to aim for the Grammy Award under the name of BTS for the next three years. Expectations are high for this challenge, whether BTS will be able to leave another footprint in the history of K-pop music before the hiatus due to military service.

Source: Naver

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