Brands Gradually Turned Their Back On Lucas In Light Of His Shocking Scandal

Brands have just taken the most recent step in relation to NCT Lucas’ issue 

Recently, a series of NCT/WayV Lucas scandals have been brought to light, attracting much attention from Chinese and Korean netizens and across Asia.

SM also made a confirmation and apology regarding Lucas’ scandal on August 25. Lucas also came up and personally wrote a Chinese letter of apology to the fans. However, the issue did not end there; Chinese bloggers and his ex-girlfriend continued to publish pieces critical of him. His ex even accused him of having a bad attitude toward his bandmates.

NCT Lucas

Following the controversy, the brands who collaborated with him have just taken their first steps. Gucci has specifically removed all posts and images relating to the male idol. In addition, the Burberry brand is making a similar effort.

Many conspiracy theories claim that Cbiz is undergoing a massive purge in order to clean up the entertainment industry. Before then, a slew of famous personalities, like Zheng Shuang Kris Wu, Zhang Zhehan, Zhao Wei, and others, were embroiled in serious scandals. This number is expected to rise even further in the near future.

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