“Why did the heroine die…” Big Mouth’s shocking ending, 100% accuracy “spoilers” that were revealed a week ago

Expectations for the ending were high as it had maintained double-digit ratings, but unfortunately, it ended in an anticlimax.

In the Sep 17th broadcast of MBC’s “Big Mouth“, Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-suk) punished Choi Do-ha (Kim Joo-hun), the center of power.

On this day, Park Chang-ho’s wife, Ko Mi-ho (Im Yoon-ah), participated in a live broadcast of the Gucheon Mayor election candidate debate and attacked Choi Do-ha.

Ko Mi-ho revealed that NK Chemicals had been leaking radioactive waste water for decades, and that Choi Do-ha was behind it. In the process, Ko Mi-ho confessed that she also suffered damage and was diagnosed with acute lymphoma.

Choi Do-ha stood in court, but was released due to insufficient evidence. He was successful in re-election as mayor of Gucheon.

Meanwhile, Ko Mi-ho’s health condition deteriorated rapidly. Ko Mi-ho, who sensed the end, died after saying “I love you” to Park Chang-ho.

After losing his wife, who was everything he had, Park Chang-ho decided to take revenge on Choi Do-ha.

Park Chang-ho filled the swimming pool used by Choi Do-ha with radioactive waste water, and Choi Do-ha died of vomiting blood in front of Park Chang-ho.

Those who joined Choi Do-ha and committed all kinds of atrocities to hide the truth paid for their crimes. Gong Ji-hoon (Yang Kyung-won), who helped Park Chang-ho, took office as CEO of Woojung Group. In fact, he had a happy ending alone.

Amid the criticism that the ending was regrettable, actors Lee Jong-suk, Oh Eui-shik and Yang Kyung-won, who led the drama, are being re-examined for spoiling ahead of the final episode.

On Sep 12th, Lee Jong-suk held a fan meeting at Blue Square Mastercard Hall for the first time in 4 years. This meeting was planned to express gratitude to fans who waited for his long hiatus.

On this day, Lee Jong-suk showed fan service by singing songs for fans and reading letters sent by fans.

Lee Jong-suk also shared stories about the work when Oh Eui-shik and Yang Kyung-won, who worked together with him in “Big Mouth”, appeared as surprise guests.

At this time, Lee Jong-suk was asked to give a spoiler for “Big Mouth”. After thinking for a while, he revealed, “Gong Ji-hoon is the only one who has a refreshing ending.”

Oh Eui-shik and Yang Kyung-won drew attention by briefly giving a spoiler, “It’s not a sad ending or about the good triumphing over the evil.”

At that time, fans were skeptical about their spoilers, but as soon as the last episode of “Big Mouth” ended, they responded enthusiastically such as “Perfect spoilers” and “There was a bone in Lee Jong-suk’s remarks.”

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