Six 2004-born idols with impressive beauty: Wonyoung (IVE) and Sullyoon (NMIXX) coming close to each other, Minji (NewJeans) also on the list 

These new generation idols are drawing attention for distinct visuals. 

New groups are sprouting in the K-pop industry with new talent and striking beauty. A common point these idols all share is their birth year, 2004.

Minji (NewJeans)

NewJeans is attracting attention from the wider K-pop community and making headlines in the media. Apart from their musical talent, the visuals are also the talk of the town. Minji is talked of the most with her innocent and pure image, closely resembling first-generation K-pop idols. 

newjeans minji
Minji’s innocent and pure visual is a buzz 
newjeans minji
She reminds fans of first-generation female K-pop idols 

Jang Wonyoung (IVE)

Jang Wonyoung is a name that cannot be missed in talks of top visuals. The 04-line idol is loved by the public ever since her participation in the survival show “Produce 48” and her subsequent successful debut with IZ*ONE for her distinct stunning and sweet image of new generation idols. Her facial features are often regarded as the gold standard and Wonyoung’s astounding height helps the idol to be among the top visuals. 

Jang Won-young
Jang Wonyoung always draws attention when she appears in front of the public 

Yoon (STAYC)

Ever since their debut, STAY C is also one of the girl groups to receive plenty of attention for their looks. Fans even call them the “all-visual girl group” favorably. Yoon’s unique yet captivating visuals easily swoons fans at their first glance.

Sullyoon (NMIXX)

After her debut with NMIXX, Sullyoon garners a lot of public attention thanks to her stunning appearances as if she walked out of a comic book, making her one of Knets’s favorite idols. With a captivating visual, Sullyoon surpasses many idols of generation 4. The female idol’s beauty also closely resembles that of Disney princesses with a small face and striking beauty.

Sullyoon is a “tough opponent” in many visual rankings
The NMIXX member is fondly called “The top visual” 

Jinni (NMIXX)

Apart from Sullyoon, Jinni is another JYP girl group that was born in 2004 and is popular among the public. For the most part, she is recognized by international fans for her sharp and attractive features. From her first debut image, Jinni caused a buzz because of her doll-like face.


Right from his debut, J has attracted attention thanks to her appearance, grabbing attention with her big, round double eyelids, slim nose bridge and heart-shaped lips. She is also called favorably as “Yoona’s younger sister” because of the similarities between their visuals.

stayc j yoona
She is also called “Yoona’s younger sister” 
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