“We have nothing to say” – Salt Ent. responded to Dispatch’s revelation of Kim Seon-ho’s conversation with his ex-girlfriend

Kim Seon-ho’s agency didn’t make any specific position regarding the Kakaotalk conversation between the actor and his ex revealed by Dispatch.

On November 1st, Kim Seon-ho’s agency, Salt Entertainment, said to OSEN, “We have nothing to say about that article.”

Kim Seon-ho

Earlier, Dispatch reported the Kakaotalk conversation between Kim Seon-ho and his ex-girlfriend. According to the report, the disclosure of Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend was false.

Kim Seon-ho was recently involved in a ‘private life’ controversy after his ex-lover – A exposed him of forcing her to get an abortion under the pretense of marriage. At first, her disclosure only mentioned “a rising actor K”. However, due to other hints, he was presumed to be that “actor K”. Then, he released an apology through his agency, Salt Entertainment. Since then, A also acknowledged that there were misunderstandings between them. She deleted the disclosure and asked people to refrain from criticizing him.

Kim Seon-ho

In the aftermath of this ‘private life’ scandal, the actor dropped out all his advertisements and upcoming movies. However, some brands that he is modeling for have recently started putting the actor’s images back on their ads.


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