Netflix’s zombie movie ”All Of Us Are Dead” topped all charts, even the U.S’s, for 8 consecutive days

Following “Squid Game” and “Hellbound,” “All Of Us Are Dead” dominates Netflix around the world once again.

All Of Us Are Dead

According to Flix Patrol, an OTT ranking site on Feb 6th (local time), Netflix zombie film “All Of Us Are Dead” has maintained its worldwide No. 1 position for eight consecutive days in the TV series category of “Today’s TOP 10.

The show is also showing a remarkably leading figure compared to the second-place “Dark Desire.”

Currently, “All Of Us Are Dead” is ranking first in 53 countries, including the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, New Zealand, and Singapore, as well as Korea.

All Of Us Are Dead

In the U.S., this series also topped the chart the previous day, but unfortunately, it fell one notch to second place today.

However, it is still a remarkable achievement considering that this Korean series has consistently maintained the top ranks in the U.S., the home of Netflix.

Overseas media are also praising “All Of Us Are Dead.”

The U.S. entertainment media Deadline praised that another Korean drama is following the “Squid Game”’s successfulroute, calling “Squid Game” and “All Of Us Are Dead” the one-two punches of Korean dramas.

The U.S. media Variety raised its thumb, saying, “A tense tip-toeing mission down a hallway, and a mad dash across the auditorium to safety are impressively staged to bring the extraordinary and the ordinary together to thrilling effect..”

All Of Us Are Dead

Specifically, this drama is based on a popular webtoon of the same name.

All Of Us Are Dead,” which is rewriting a new history of K-zombies, is a story about students who are isolated inside a school where the zombie virus began and are struggling to survive as they wait for the rescue.

All Of Us Are Dead” shows not only the students, but also how various human groups and society, including the police, firefighters, soldiers, and politicians face the chaotic situation outside the school.

All Of Us Are Dead
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