Hwang Jae Kyun and T-Ara Ji Yeon’s wedding invitation, “Precious blessing, beautiful start”

Ji Yeon of the group T-Ara announces a beautiful new page with baseball player Hwang Jae Kyun, starting with a wedding in December.

On Nov 24th, Ten Asia updated a recently obtained wedding invitation of the couple Hwang Jae Kyun and Ji Yeon.

Under their names “Jaegyun & Jiyeon” written in cursives is the phrase “Please join us as a precious blessing at our beautiful start.” The neat and polite greetings are like the couple’s neat personalities, attracting attention.

Hwang Jae-kyun Jiyeon

Hwang Jae Kyun and Ji Yeon will get married at the Shilla Hotel’s Dynasty Hall on the afternoon of December 10th. This is also where Kim Yu Na and Go Woo Rim recently held their wedding ceremony.

Hwang Jae Kyun and Ji Yeon announced their wedding in February. Ji Yeon was born in 1993, 30 years old this year, while Hwang Jae Gyun is 36 years old, born in 1987. The two drew a lot of attention as they were an unexpected couple.


Hwang Jae Kyun was the reason behind the wedding announcement in February. Hwang Jae Kyun led his team KT Wiz to its first championship as captain last season. He announced his marriage before the start of the season in consideration of the team’s atmosphere which might be affected by the wedding article.

Ji Yeon often visited the baseball stadium to cheer for Hwang Jae Kyun, stealing attention from both the K-pop fandom and baseball fans. Hwang Jae Kyun also cheered for Ji Yeon’s activities, showcasing their love.

Source: Daum

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