In the middle of the night on May 2nd, Jennie (BLACKPINK) suddenly caused a stir on Instagram, making the hashtag of her name enter the top global Trending on Twitter with more than 200,000 tweets in just a short time. The main reason was that the BLACKPINK member shared numerous photos on Instagram with a total of 59 photos in about 25 minutes. Although all of these photos are self-taken in her own room, not yet edited, but from her aura, make-up to her fashionable outfits, everything is still enough to create a buzz on social media.

Besides praising Jennie for “casually taking photos as if she was doing a pictorial”, many netizens also spotted another detail from her impressive series of photos. This detail is small, but it can make fans feel touched by the female idol’s warm personality. Accordingly, they noticed that behind Jennie’s back and on top of her bed, there was an ornament, a decorative light frame with a heart shape and the word Jennie.

At first, many people thought that this is just a random decoration, but when they look closely, it feels more like a DIY work. After that, the fans search old photos and quickly realized that this was a gift that a fan had given to Jennie directly at a BLACKPINK’s fansign.

This was Jennie’s first fansign during the promotion of SOLO. The fansign took place on November 17, 2018, and up to now, it has been over a year, but Jennie still keeps the gift in her room. Notably, fans also find out this is not the first time this decorative light frame appeared with her. Earlier in another Instagram photo, it was also shown but in a different place.

From this small but warm detail, Knetz praise Jennie’s personality because the female idol loves and treasures every fan’s gift. This is originally a normal decorative frame and is not worth much, but the way Jennie keeps it has touched many people. In addition, fans also said that the female singer used to reveal that she has a special room to store all gifts from fans. Knet even praised that Jennie looks like a cold and rich girl outside, but actually inside BLACKPINK’s ‘mandu’ is very kind and always cares for people.

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