Jo In Sung reportedly considers appearing in movie “Hope”

Actor Jo In Sung’s side revealed that he is considering appearing in the movie “Hope”.

On March 6th, Jo In Sung‘s agency IOK Company told Xports News that it is “one of many works offered and currently under review” regarding whether Jo In Sung will appear in the movie “Hope” (directed by Na Hong Jin).

Jo In Sung

“Hope” is a science fiction film about what happens when aliens visit a rural village. It also drew attention as it is the first work that director Na Hong Jin, who has been loved for movies such as “The Chaser”, “The Wailing” and “The Medium”, will be in charge of directing after 6 years.

Meanwhile, Jo In Sung approached the public with a more familiar image through tvN’s entertainment program “Unexpected Business 2” last year.

Jo In Sung

Besides, in the movie “Smugglers” (directed by Ryu Seung Wan), which was confirmed to be released this summer, he will meet the audience as the smuggling king who opened his eyes to the smuggling business during the Vietnam War.

Source: Daum

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