Knet chooses the best year-end stage of BLACKPINK: So Hot is “legendary”, the rookie stage attracted attention because they were too professional

BLACKPINK has not appeared much at awards ceremonies and year-end music stages.  The group mainly appeared in the first 1-2 years, after that, they stopped participating. 

However, every time they have a performance stage at awards ceremonies and music festivals, BLACKPINK leaves a lot of special impressions thanks to their comprehensive and professional performance skills even though they just debuted.

Recently, fans have chosen the best stage of BLACKPINK at the year-end awards ceremonies and music festivals.

Whistle + Playing With Fire (MMA 2016)

Melon Music Awards 2016 (MMA 2016) was one of the first year-end stages that BLACKPINK attended and performed.  However, this is the top-scoring stage and has a strong influence on a rookie group.  The 4 girls brought on stage 2 songs Whistle and Playing With Fire.  Without being shy or afraid, the group showed extreme confidence, even they had to change outfits very quickly between the 2 songs.


Playing With Fire + Boombayah (Seoul Music Awards 2017)

Another impressive stage performed by BLACKPINK was at the 2017 Seoul Music Awards (SMA 2017).  The explosive energy of all members, especially Rosé, was praised by the audience.  They admit they fell in love with the girls because of this stage.

So Hot (Seoul Music Awards 2017)

BLACKPINK’s most iconic cover stage is So Hot at SBS Gayodaejun 2017. At the awards ceremony, BLACKPINK performed So Hot remixed by THEBLACKLABEL.  Very few cover stages are considered to be as good as the original, but BLACKPINK has done it with So Hot.  The BLACKPINK style mix but still retains the characteristics of the original song. BLACKPINK has scored absolutely thanks to the stage at 2017 SBS Gayodaejun.


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