Sunye, “I became a traitor because I got married and left Wonder Girls during the group’s heyday”

Former Wonder Girls member Sunye revealed her belief about being an idol.

Episode 6 of TVing’s documentary “K-pop Generation”, which was released on March 23rd, showed Sunye and Jo Kwon talking about the lifespan of idol singers.


On the broadcast, Jo Kwon said, “Sunye is the person who broke the formality of idols that used to be kept inside the box”, adding “I think Sunye is the one who proved that the prejudice ‘married people cannot be idols’ is wrong.”

In response, Sunye smiled and said, “I became the ultimate traitor because I got married when I was still active as an idol with Wonder Girls.”


Jo Kwon confessed, “I think idols are those in the process of becoming an artist or an icon”, adding “I hope the prejudice that only teenagers can be idols has now been broken. People who are married and in their 30s should also be able to be idols.”

Sunye then shared, “People usually say that the lifespan of an idol is 6 to 7 years, but does that mean idols have to quit singing after that?”, adding “There could be idols who return even after getting married, like me. I hope people can be more open-minded about it.”


Sunye debuted as the leader and main vocalist of the group Wonder Girls in 2007, and received much love through the group’s promotions of hit songs, such as “Tell Me,” “Nobody”, “So Hot”, etc.

In 2013, she shocked everyone when announcing her marriage with a Canadian missionary. In July 2015, Sunye officially withdrew from Wonder Girls. While most fans respected Sunye’s decision, lots of people still criticized Sunye’s marriage, saying that it disrupted the group’s activities.


After leaving Wonder Girls and the entertainment industry to focus on raising her three daughters, Sunye made her comeback last year by appearing on tvN’s variety show “Mom is an Idol” then releasing a solo album. She recently took on her first musical challenge through the play called “Luth”.

Source: Wikitree

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