Fake News Spread Again: Shocking Claims of Na Huna’s Death, Yoo Jae Suk and Lim Young Woong’s Presence at the Funeral

Amid the rapid spread of fake news causing confusion in the entertainment industry, another rumor has crossed the line by spreading false news of Na Huna’s death.

Recently, a YouTube channel discussed the damage caused to celebrities due to fake news and fabricated rumors. 

According to a video, it highlighted the situation where more and more fake news channels are surfacing. In particular, one channel is even focused on spreading news of the deceased.


The most controversial one among them is the news of Na Huna’s death, which is 100% false. There is a channel actively distributing this false information. The channel sensationalizes Na Huna’s traffic accident and death, even adding credible videos, further causing confusion.

This particular channel, which is clearly a fake news channel, is in Vietnamese and has covered the deaths of many Korean celebrities. Moreover, they add that Yoo Jae Suk, Lim Young Woong, Song Ga In, and other junior celebrities have visited the funeral, fabricating the situation. They even go to the extent of deleting comments stating that it is not true, showing their calculated actions.

Regarding the news of Na Huna’s death, there have been a staggering 10 video uploads, with each video recording 850,000 views. 


It is an undeniable situation that cannot be taken lightly, considering the revenue generated by the followers. Currently, Na Huna’s traffic accident and death are the top trending search keywords, highlighting the seriousness of the issue.

Having been plagued by fake news for a long time, Na Huna held a press conference in the past to address the suspicions directly. At that time, he expressed his frustration towards the media that supported fake news, sounding the alarm for both the producers of fake news and the public.

Fake news produced not just for the sake of interest but for the purpose of making money. It is now a crucial moment that calls for stricter punishments for unverified rumors and fake news.

Source: Nate

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