“Figure skating queen” Kim Yu Na’s goddess beauty at recent event receives explosive reactions, “It’s a masterpiece”

The recent visual of “figure skating queen” Kim Yu Na created a buzz on social media.

On June 4th, Kim Yu Na posted several photos on her Instagram with a green heart emoticon in her caption.

The released pictures show Kim Yu Na attending an event of a French luxury brand in Italy. After being selected as an ambassador for the brand, Kim Yu Na has participated in various events and engaged in photoshoot activities.


That day, Kim Yu Na stole the spotlight as she appeared in a black dress, wearing green earrings and necklace. She caught the eyes of people at the event by giving off a unique and alluring atmosphere with her elegant makeup style.

Kim Yu Na also flaunted her charming visual with a small face, clear skin, and distinctive facial features.

Seeing Kim Yu Na’s new photos, Internet users expressed surprise and poured admiration for her beauty.


Netizens on the online community ‘theqoo’ commented, “So beautiful. She looks luxurious from head to toe”, “Wow, that’s crazy. She’s so elegant and gorgeous”, “Wow, it’s a legend, a masterpiece. Her beauty is like a work of art”, “Her visual goes well with the words ‘elegance’ and ‘dignity’”, “Please double the tax on Ko Woo Rim”, etc.

Meanwhile, Kim Yu Na married Forestella member Ko Woo Rim, who is five years younger than her, in October last year.

The two reported got to know each other when Forestella performed at the 2018 All That Skate Ice Show celebration stage, and later developed into lovers. They tied the knot after three years of dating.

Source: Wikitree

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