The creepy appearance of a man in photo of a famous female Kpop idol drew attention

A photo of Red Velvet Joy on her way home from work has gone viral for the ominous presence behind her.

On June 8th, the Twitter account DC Joy Gallery released several photos along with the caption: “220608 Joy – TV Animal Farm, a sunny day with your appearance like early sunshine.

In the photos was Joy when she visited Mokdong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul in the afternoon of the same day.

Joy Red velvet
Photos posted on Joy’s personal Instagram. 
Joy Red velvet
The female idol boasted a floral-patterned dress and the brightest smile. 

On her way home from the filming set of the show “TV Animal Farm”, Joy had her photos captured by an iMBC reporter, while she wore a refreshing expression and showed off her liveliness. 

Joy Red velvet
Photos posted on the Twitter account DC Joy Gallery. 

Joy’s bright beauty quickly drew attention as these photos were released, but netizens also paid attention to a rather ominous detail. 

In particular, a man behind Joy was photoshopped to not show his face on the camera. People can see him wearing a suit and texting on his phone. But his entire face was gone. 

Joy Red velvet
The mysterious man behind Red Velvet Joy.

Some netizens were obviously creeped out, saying: “Where’s the male’s head?” and “I thought it was a ghost”. 

Others, more rational, analyzed the photos and wrote comments like “The reporter must have erased the head to avoid getting a normal person in”, “I think they erased the man’s head with photoshop.

Joy Red velvet
The image has since gone viral. 

A netizen even joked that the man was a poor Korean worker who has to go to work even without any headache.

As of June 10th, posts containing the photo have received thousands of retweets and likes on Twitter, and spread to other SNS like Facebook, Instagram, and other online communities.

Source: wikitree


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