Hwasa uploaded Lee Hyori’s “Finger Swear” photo, what does it mean?

Hwasa of MAMAMOO draws attention by releasing a photo whose intentions are difficult to understand.

Hwasa posted several photos with an exclamation mark on her personal SNS on June 29th.

In the photo, Hwa Sa poses in a white top, ripped jeans, and high heels. Hwasa’s chic and confident attitude, and strong eyes exudes Hwasa’s charm.

In particular, Hwasa added a photo of Lee Hyo-ri as the last photo, but she chose the one where Lee was swearing with her fingers, making everyone curious.

hwasa instagram

Some overseas fans can’t even recognize Lee Hyo-ri at once with such dark shading makeup, and some are wondering why Hwasa posted Lee Hyo-ri’s photo.

hwasa instagram

Meanwhile, Hwasa and Lee Hyo-ri met as members of the girl group Refund Expedition, which was formed through MBC’s “Hangout with Yoo”. Eom Jeong-hwa and Jessi are also in the same group.

hwasa instagram

MAMAMOO of Hwasa recently released its best album “I SAY MAMAMOO: THE BEST” in September last year, while Hwasa released her solo album “Guilty Pleasure” in November last year and promoted with the title song “I’m a B.”

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