Amid the controversies over his private life, another issue related to Lucas’s bad personality occurs

On August 26, a Chinese Internet user, A, posted on Twitter claiming that A used to work with Lucas.

NCT Lucas

A said stated that A used to be a staff that worked with Lucas. Therefore, A heard many stories from the singer’s manager, including Lucas’s misbehaviors that made his manager suffered.

Particularly, in 2019, Lucas had an intense quarrel with his manager, and they didn’t talk to each other for a long period. The manager criticized Lucas for his extravagant lifestyle, so Lucas got angry. The two argued intensely to the point that they didn’t talk to each other since then. As a result, this fight also affected other staff who worked with Lucas.

NCT Lucas

A, who revealed this fact, stated that even A also suffered a lot of hard times because of Lucas. In addition, A revealed that the managers in charge of NCT are middle-class people in SM Entertainment who can be seen as having high social status. Therefore, in order to gain resources for Lucas in China, they had to drink with the media many times. However, Lucas didn’t appreciate them at all.

Moreover, A said that a manager was stressed out because of Lucas’s crazy fans but Lucas continued to date countless women and tried to hide his relationships from the eyes of his manager.

Meanwhile, on August 25, Lucas apologized for causing controversies over his private life and officially stopped all his activities.


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