Joo Won succeeds in bulking up 7kg for his upcoming action film “Carter”

Joo Won will show off an amazing body transformation in the new movie “Carter”.

On July 19th, still-cuts from Joo Won’s upcoming movie “Carter”, which is rated unwatchable by teenagers, were released. They raise expectations by introducing intense, bloody action sequences in extreme conditions performed by Joo Won. 

In the still cuts, the main character Carter (Joo Won), a secret agent, has tattoos all over his body and reveals a huge, muscular figure. 

Carter looks at people who aim guns at him with a confused expression, arousing questions about why he was put into the questionable operation of a lifetime.

Viewers are set to be thrilled by the breathtaking tension as Carter fights and struggles to escape pursuit from the CIA and North Korean forces on a mission to bring back safely the girl who carries the only cure for the virus.

The sight of Carter narrowly crossing a swinging bridge or riding a motorcycle through narrow alleys and mountains adds to the thrill of dizzying action, raising expectations for real action scenes that transcend human limitations.

In addition, Carter, who is standing on the edge of a cliff, with a stern appearance with his gun in a high-rise building, predicted that it would give an exhilarating catharsis through an overwhelming scale and spectacular high-altitude action.

Joo Won revealed that he had to gain 7 kg and undergo rigorous training to transform into a human weapon that no one can stop, Carter.

Fans are looking forward to the splendid action scenes in the new drama of Joo Won, an actor who has undergone one of the most intense transformations in filmography history.

‘Carter’, which will bring you an indescribable feeling with lively raw directing and uncompromising actors’ passionate performances, will be released only on Netflix on August 5th.

Source: insight

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