The 10 best debut songs of Kpop girl groups voted by fans: ITZY, aespa and BLACKPINK are all behind this one girl group

StarPlay has announced the results of voting for the best debut songs of Kpop girl groups, and let’s see if your favorite group can make it to the top of the chart.

Not every K-pop group can be successful with their first song. Most debut tracks, on the other hand, are crucial in establishing a band’s identity in the public eye. Many debut songs, particularly for K-pop female groups, garner a lot of attention from netizens, and many songs are still popular even after being released for a long period.

StarPlay, a popular Kpop fandom app, recently sponsored a poll to choose the best debut song among Kpop girl groups. Voting took conducted from June 29 to July 13, with a promotional post in the media as the prize for the winner song. The top ten songs with the most votes are shown below.

10th place: LOONA – ‘Hi High’ (12,305 votes)

9th place: (G)I-DLE – ‘LATATA’ (23,621 votes)

8th place: IZ*ONE – ‘La Vie en Rose’ (27,092 votes)

7th place: TWICE – ‘Like OOH-AHH’ (27,732 votes)

6th place: GFRIEND – ‘Glass Bead’ (57,056 votes)

5th place: Red Velvet – ‘Happiness’ (57,965 votes)

4th place: BLACKPINK – ‘WHISTLE’ (156,787 votes)

3rd place: ITZY – ‘DALLA DALLA’ (254,270 votes)

2nd place: aespa – ‘Black Mamba’ (1,577,010 votes)

1st place: Dreamcatcher – ‘Chase Me’ (1,692,250 votes)

As a result, Dreamcatcher’s “Chase Me” was named the “greatest debut song of a Kpop girl group.” The song has received 1,692,250 votes, accounting for approximately 43.55 percent of all votes cast. With 1,577,010 votes, aespa’s ‘Black Mamba’ is in a tight second place.

Dreamcatcher debuted with ‘Chase Me’ on January 13, 2017. The song is the title track from the group’s debut single album ‘Nightmare’.  The aforementioned album peaked at #25 on the Gaon Music Chart and sold 3,575 copies in Korea.  However, ‘Chase Me’ did not enter the Korean digital music charts during the promotion period.

Although it did not achieve success in Korea, this song helped the group build a fairly stable international fan base.  This song even made it to the list of ‘Billboard Best Kpop Songs of 2017: Critics’ Picks’ at #19. Dreamcatcher was also ranked No. 3 on Billboard’s list of the top new Kpop artists in 2017. Many people believe that, despite being ignored by the Korean market, this girl group is actually highly gifted. The songs by the group are all excellent, and they deserve much more attention from the public.

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