Boasting his radiant beauty in LA, Kim Woo Bin was upset the shooting ended in 15 minutes and here’s why 

Kim Woo Bin got ready for his filming in two hours, so he was disappointed that it ended too quickly. 

On October 28th, Kim Woo Bin’s agency announced on its official YouTube channel, “Kim Woo Bin went on a business trip to LA to attend Ralph Lauren’s Spring 2023 Collection Show” and uploaded a video of the actor in LA. 

In the video, Kim Woo Bin was filming a teaser before the Ralph Lauren show. The shooting was completed in 15 minutes. Kim Woo Bin showed off his dashing look and skillful poses like a pro.

kim woo bin la

Surprised by the filming that ended earlier than expected, Kim Woo Bin made a joke, saying, “It took two hours for me to prepare,” while pouting to the staff.

Kim Woo Bin explained, “I worked out for an hour and a half in the morning, ate two meals, and did my hair and makeup for an hour and a half, but (the shooting) was over in 15 minutes.”

He shuddered, saying, “I should go somewhere because the preparation process is a waste.”

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