Prada went viral amidst Cai Xukun’s scandal: the unluckiest brand of all?

As Prada ambassador Cai Xukun comes under fire, netizens can’t help but recall the brand’s other ambassadors.

On the morning of June 26th, Chinese media outlets began to reveal shocking information that super popular artist Cai Xukun had impregnated a woman and later asked her to have an abortion. Adding with this, his mother was accused of placing a spy cam at the said woman’s house, as well as hiring a private investigator. 

With the immense popularity and influence of Cai Xukun in Chinese showbiz, this news immediately left fans in a state of shock.

However, amid this scandal, another name began to gain just as much attention as Cai Xukun, and it’s none other than luxury brand Prada. 

cai xukun
Cai Xukun has always been hailed as the “prince” of Prada.

In particular, Cai Xukun is an ambassador of Prada, causing the brand to land into a total “PR mess”. At this, many people sympathize with Prada because it always finds itself signing contracts with artists who are later embroiled in serious scandals. Many people even jokingly suggest that Prada seems to be “cursed”, since its ambassadors always encounter major controversies, some even having to leave the entertainment industry altogether.

It is known that previously, Prada signed with Ko Chentung (leaked intimate photos scandal), PGone (extramarital affair with Li Xiaolu), Li Yifeng (prostitution and tax evasion scandal), and Zheng Shuang (surrogacy and tax evasion scandal). 

Not only in the Chinese market but also in South Korea, celebrities representing Prada have been involved in scandals, costing the brand a hefty sum. Particularly, while Red Velvet Irene was accused of power abuse and mistreating a staff member, EXO Chanyeol faced allegations of cheating on a former girlfriend. 

Irene and Chanyeol were also ambassadors for Prada.

Looking back, some netizens couldn’t help but find Prada’s situation ironic, and left comments such as: 

  • Prada is the undefeatable champion in having problems with its ambassadors
  • Somehow it’s always Prada ambassadors who get involved in scandals, and not just minor ones 
  • Does Prada have the ability to detect scandals in artists or something? How come it’s always their ambassadors?
  • From China to South Korea… Prada seems to be really cursed, huh?
  • Prada’s eye for ambassadors is truly one of a kind. It’s admirable at this point 

Source: k14

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