Fans speculate that BLACKPINK will come back soon as Jennie changed her hair color to orange 

BLACKPINK’s Jennie looks like Milla Jovovich in “The Fifth Element” with her new orange hair.

Photo = Jennie’s Instagram

Jennie posted several photos on her Instagram on April 10th with the caption “Don’t talk to me or my new hair.” 

In the photos, Jennie has orange hair, the same color as the flower in front of her. 

The idol rolled up her T-shirt and made it look like a crop top, showing off her beauty while looking at the camera with dreamy eyes. 

Photo = Jennie’s Instagram

In addition to her photos, Jennie posted a still cut of Milla Jovovich, who appeared in the movie “The Fifth Element,” on her Instagram Story. 

Netizens responded by saying, “You’re so pretty,” “Are BLACKPINK making a comeback?,” “Cute,” and “Lovely.”

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK is preparing for a comeback.


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