Charlie Puth praised BTS’s Jungkook, “A miraculously perfect vocal with perfect pitch”

Charlie Puth talked about the behind the scenes of his “Left and Right” collab with BTS’s Jungkook and complimented him. 

On June 25th, through ‘Audacy’, an integrated radio platform in 235 regions of the US, Charlie Puth talked about the flawless vocals of BTS’s Jungkook during his interview. The American singer also revealed the behind-the-scenes work of the single ‘Left and Right’ where he collaborated with Jungkook. 

Charlie Puth said, “I wrote to him that I have this idea and I think that you are the only person who could really pull it off,” revealing he sent a message to Jungkook first to propose a collaboration.

BTS Jungkook Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth then sent the song and when Jungkook received it, he said, “I’m going to go practice it!”. Charlie Puth continued, “Jungkook spent a week recording and then sent it back to me.” Charlie Puth then recalled being surprised when he heard Jungkook’s vocals, saying, “It was a miraculously perfect vocal.”

Charlie Puth said, “It was really impressive and moved me very much,” adding that he is not easily impressed, and he was touched by Jungkook’s professional passion and sincerity.

Charlie Puth, a vocalist who was born with perfect pitch, said on the American radio station ‘KISS 108FM’ in response to the question ‘How did you and Jungkook get to know each other and how was the musical chemistry?’, “I believe Jungkook has perfect pitch too so we didn’t have to fumble a lot while putting the song together. He’s a very talented guy.” 

BTS Jungkook

In an interview with ‘iHeartRadio’, the largest radio network in the US, Charlie Puth said that while filming a TikTok video, Jungkook sang perfectly, and said, “I’m sure Jungkook has perfect pitch.”

In addition, Charlie Puth recently appeared on the American radio show ‘Sirius XM Hits 1’ and talked about the behind-the-scenes work of ‘Left and Right’ with Jungkook. He said, “Jungkook sent me the most perfect vocals. It’s really cool. Jungkook is a really attractive person.” He repeated this in a number of recent interviews, expressing generous praise for Jungkook.

Charlie Puth released the single ‘Left and Right’ featuring Jungkook on June 24th at 1PM KST. Jungkook and Charlie Puth performed together for the first time at the ‘2018 MBC Plus x Genie Music Awards (MGA)’ held in Korea in 2018 with Charlie Puth’s hit ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’. ‘Left and Right’ marks their first official collaboration after 4 years. 

Source: Nate

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