Dancer Geumzo, “I cried after performing on the stage of BIG BANG Taeyang’s Japan concert”

Geumzo, known as “Psy’s dancer”, revealed the story of her first time performing on a concert stage.

In the 8th episode of Channel IHQ’s “Travely”, which aired on September 26th, Geumzo, “Street Women Fighter” dancer Moana, and “CL’s dancer” Kime had a sincere conversation about “life as a dancer” when having dinner on the last day of their trip.

dancer geumzo

During their meals at Alona Beach night market in the Philippines, Geumzo said, “The first concert I performed was BIG BANG Taeyang’s Japan concert. I cried after finishing the stage”, adding “I got emotional since it was my first time dancing in front of so many people”.

dancer geumzo

Kime reacted, “Being part of the preparation for such a big stage is something to be proud of. You must have worked so very hard”. Moana also said, “We’re doing this job because of such a sense of accomplishment.”

The next morning, the last day of their trip, the three dancers revealed their bare faces. It is because they had to remove sunscreen to meet whale sharks at Laila Village, Philippines.

dancer geumzo

In the upcoming 9th episode of “Travely”, which is scheduled for next week, the Singapore trip of cheerleaders Kim Han-na, Lee Da-hye and Park Shin-bi will be unveiled. 

Source: daum

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