“Marriage” she’z Ji-young “Girl group activities, I have no regrets because I did my best… My life is happier now”

Former she’z member-show host Ji-young (Kim Ji-young) expressed her feelings ahead of the second act of her life.

According to Spotv News on Sep 27th, Ji-young will hold a wedding ceremony with her lover, whom she has been dating for 3 and a half years, in the celebration of both families and close acquaintances in Seoul on Nov 5th.


Ji-young’s prospective groom is a psychiatrist 5 years older than her. The two met through the introduction of an acquaintance then developed into lovers. Ji-young, who received a romantic proposal from her prospective groom last May, is in the midst of her final wedding preparations. Recently, she released wedding photos and revealed her excitement ahead of marriage through SNS.


Ji-young had a phone interview with Spotv News this morning.


She confessed, “I have no regrets as I did my best during she’z’s activities. I’m satisfied and happy enough with my current life. I started singing when I was 17 and did it for 10 years until I was 27. When I started, I said, ‘Let’s do it for 10 years regardless of the result.’ So I have no more regrets. Since I tried my best, I don’t have any regrets now. I want to work harder for the current me because my life is happier now.”

Source: daum

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