Han So-hee shows off her goddess-like beauty even when wearing an ordinary long padding

Han So-hee showed her tough and powerful charm through Netflix’s “My Name”. In this series, the actress was praised for being so beautiful even though she had little makeup on.

Han So-hee caught everyone’s attention by showing off her goddess-like appearance even in an ordinary “black long padding” as if once again proving that “Pretty face completes the fashion”.

Recently, as Lucky Chouette‘s new model, Han So-hee did a pictorial photoshoot while wearing new clothes in collaboration with Disney. Han So-hee‘s outfits were cute and simple practical items rather than colorful, such as blue hoodie, black coat and gray T-shirt.

han so hee

However, the actress captivated viewers’ eyes by boasting her unique beauty even when wearing ordinary items. In fact, black long paddings are more of a functional item than a fashion one. This is because they are usually worn in winter to block the strong cold.

However, Han So-hee‘s splendid beauty was not covered by her black long padding, which made many people envious.


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