“YG Next Generation” Haram boasts unbelievable visual and vocals for a 15-year-old

A video of YG’s upcoming rookie group BABYMONSTER was released for the first time, introducing the first member, Haram.

On January 12th, YG Entertainment posted a video titled “BABYMONSTER – HARAM (Live Performance)” on its official YouTube channel. Here, the first close up images of Haram, a member of YG new girl group BABYMONSTER, were released, and her cover of Mario’s “Let Me Love You” was revealed. 

In the video, Haram shows off overwhelming emotions and vocal abilities that are hard to believe for a 15-year-old. The BABYMONSTER member filled the space with a soulful tone on a calm piano melody without any flashy stage equipment. Her delicate expressiveness that was maintained throughout the whole video was also enough to shake the hearts of fans.

In particular, in the 2nd half of the song, Haram flaunts her graceful pace control. She also immersed herself into the song by expressing sorrowful emotions and touched the hearts of viewers with unwavering live vocals and YG’s signature colors. 

Earlier, YG announced that it plans to introduce the skills and information of BABYMONSTER members one by one through continuous promotions, starting with the first surprise introduction video on January 1st. Curiosity about the six trainees who will take over Haram’s baton and future content is growing.

On the other hand, BABYMONSTER is the first girl group to debut under YG Entertainment in 7 years. As the next-generation of YG, they are expected to succeed BLACKPINK, who have established themselves as top global artists. Expectations are high on what kind of charm BABYMONSTER will be armed with to hit the global music market in 2023.

Source: Nate

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