Honey Lee plays a top actress turned national laughingstock in new movie “Killing Romance”

Honey Lee is set to play a top star who becomes the subject of national ridicule in the upcoming film “Killing Romance.”

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The movie “Killing Romance,” directed by Lee Won Seok and set to release on April 14th, tells the story of top actress Yeo Rae (Honey Lee), who retires suddenly after falling in love with island chaebol Jonathan (Lee Sun Kyun). She then meets her former fan club member Beom Woo (Gong Myung) and plans an extraordinary comeback.

Honey Lee’s character, Yeo Rae, is a top star who becomes the subject of national ridicule due to her terrible acting. Unable to withstand the criticism from both the press and the audience, she decides to retire and seeks seclusion on Koala Island in the South Pacific. 

There, Yeo Rae falls in love with the self-confessed chaebol Jonathan Na, but her character undergoes a transformation due to Jonathan’s madness and obsession throughout their married life.

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Regarding the decision to cast Honey Lee, Director Lee Won Seok said, “The keyword for the role of Yeo Rae in ‘Killing Romance’ was ‘beauty.’ I thought Honey Lee was the perfect actress to portray that beauty. Most importantly, Honey Lee has a wide spectrum that spans both serious drama and comedy, so I believed she could perfectly express the mixture of joy and sorrow in this role.”

Source: Daum

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