YG is criticized as ‘shameless’ when explaining why Lee Hi took 3 years to make a comeback

Not many people can accept the explanation given by one of the Big 3.

As reported, the Lee Hi will make a comeback on May 30, 2019 with a new EP “24 ℃”. The title song is called “No One”, featuring B.I (iKON).

Sharing with the press about the absence of Lee Hi, a media representative from YG Entertainment explained: “It is because Lee Hi wants to create the music that she wants, she wants to give it all to this album. Everyone has been waiting for so long, so we hope Lee Hi can promote all year and actively release new songs, starting from this album which contains many new songs.”

As expected, after the statement was shared by several sites, the netizens were extremely angry at the explanation of YG that denied all the responsibility.

“The first album after 3 years for Lee Hi. Wow, YG, you guys have gone too far. I really hope she won’t renew the contract”, “Lee Hi signed a 10-year contract, so yes It seems that her contract with YG will expire in 2023, so sad T_T “,” Why is it YG …….. “,”So shameless”, ” They didn’t let Lee Hi make music even though she expressed her dissatisfaction on SNS several times, now they are lying, what is ‘Lee Hi wants that’? Disgusting “, “Lee Hi’s new situation is difficult, she’s a sacrifice for Burning Sun, if her album flops, she will be done”,” Because of Seungri’s case, YG had to give Black Pink, WINNER and Lee Hi a comeback to make money … But who cares that these artists themselves are hated because of their management company … The public hates them because they are YG’s artists”…

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