A girl self-claiming to be ex-EXO member Luhan’s 7-year-girlfriend has a remarkable post on Weibo: “Luhan, how long do you want to hide me?”

Many netizens think that this girl was imagining a love story between her and Luhan.

Yesterday, a girl with a Weibo account called “Lulu super loves Yaoyao” (鹿鹿超爱瑶瑶) posted a long post on her personal page. In particular, this person claimed that she and Luhan have been in love since 2016 and have been together for 7 years now.

Luhan girlfriend

The article said that the songs that Lu Han had released such as What if I said, Skin to skin, Winter Song, Like a dream, I love you, Time stopped, Nature, Slow… were all written. for this girl and they are associated with their love story.

Luhan girlfriend

During the time when the girl and Luhan were dating, Luhan’s profile picture on Instagram was a picture of two people wearing white T-shirts. This detail has made many fans guessed that Luhan has had a lover.

Although she did not give any evidence to prove that what she said was true, this girl passionately told their love story. 

  • “You said it took a lot of work to be able to pursue me, but I chose you a long time ago.”
  • “Why don’t you participate in the New Year’s Eve events now? Because you are always by my side (on that occasion). Every year on New Year’s Eve, you always tell me that everything will be okay. This year, you live-streamed and sang the song Love Before B.C.”
  • “I said I wanted to go with you to Shanghai Disneyland. So not long after that, you and two friends went there, and deliberately recorded a video for me.”
  • “When you were 18 years old, you wanted to get married and said you couldn’t live without me. At 21, you said you must get married at the latest at 27. I replied that I wanted to get married when I was 33, then you were also 40. You also want me to make after-marriage plans.”
  • “Can’t act, can’t sing, Mr. Lu Han, how long do you want to hide me?”

Netizens commented:

  • I cried when I broke up with Luhan, but after reading your post, my mood get better.
  • Did you add a Luhan on QQ?
  • Do you want to promote his songs?
  • Is this girl delusional?
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