KARA’s Kang Ji Young, “I’m the same age as Heo Young Ji, but I didn’t want to give up the maknae position”

Kang Ji Young revealed that she had no intention of giving up her maknae role to Heo Young Ji.

On December 1st, on the YouTube channel ‘Dingo Music’, a video of KARA was posted. Comedian Kim Hae Joon was hosting.

When Kim Hae Joon asked about awkward relationship, Kang Ji Young said, “I remember. In fact, when I was active, I was the maknae, but after I left, Young Ji was the maknae, so we had to sort things out a bit.” 


When Kim Hae Joon asked, “Aren’t you two of the same age?” Kang Ji Young said, “We are the same age,” and surprised everyone by confessing, “I asked if Young Ji would take the maknae role because my birthday was earlier than her, but the truth is, I had no intention of giving up my maknae role.” 


Kang Ji Young said, “At a drinking party, Gyuri unnie said, ‘You two just both be maknaes,’ so now we have two maknaes.”

In response, Kim Hae Joon said, “Actually, I understand. Isn’t being the maknae a little more comfortable? It’s a bit burdenless,” and Kang Ji Young agreed.


Hearing this, Park Gyuri asked Kang Ji Young, “You don’t want to let go of things that are comfortable for you right?” to which she replied, “No. I just want to be your maknae forever.” 

Source: Nate

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