KARA reveals the iconic low-rise pants they wore during “Mister” promotions were “stressful”

KARA showed off their delightful wit on “MMTG”.

KARA, who recently made a comeback as a complete group, appeared as a guest on the latest episode of the YouTube talk show “MMTG”, which aired on December 1st. 

On this day, the members selected KARA songs that fit the theme. The first theme is KARA’s most popular and impactful song. ‘Step’ and ‘Lupin’ were mentioned. Park Gyuri, Kang Ji Young, Nicole, and MC Jaejae picked ‘Mister’. Jaejae also brought up the iconic butt-shaking choreography of ‘Mister’.


Another iconic point of ‘Mister’ promotions was the low-rise pants. Low-rise has been a trending fashion item again recently, but Park Gyuri said, “We were really stressed out because of that,” and Han Seung Yeon agreed. Park Gyuri and Han Seung Yeon recalled, “Because our belly fat was exposed (when wearing low-rise), we were forced to eat one meal a day.”


When ‘Rock U’ came out, the members started talking about Kang Ji Young’s debut. Kang Ji Young said, “It was when I was 15 years old. I just liked it, but I think the unnies might have thought, ‘Oh, she’s young.’ I’m sorry. I think I was too innocent.”


Park Gyu Ri said, expressing her affection for Kang Ji Young, “When Ji Young first came in, she was so cute, and she didn’t know anything and said, ‘Yes~ unnie’. We used to call her baby. In fact, even now, she’s just like a baby to us.” 


Jaejae picked “Damaged Lady” as “a song that seems crazy but isn’t crazy,” and then talked about the choreography of removing the ring. Kang Ji Young explained, “We threw away the rings.” 

When Jaejae jokingly asked, “What if the ring was Bvlgari?” Han Seung Yeon immediately said, “I couldn’t have thrown it away,” and Park Gyuri made a gesture of putting her ring in, making everyone laugh. Then, Park Gyuri said, “I’ll post it on Danggeun Market (a platform where used goods are sold). Jaejae then drew laughter by recreating the hip-scratching choreography of “Damaged Lady” by KARA members.


Meanwhile, on November 29th, KARA released the special album “MOVE AGAIN” and the title track “WHEN I MOVE” to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their debut.

Source: Naver.

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