BLACKPINK’s Jisoo shows off natural daily-life visuals at staff’s birthday party

Jisoo looks effortlessly pretty when she wears light makeup and doesn’t dress up. 

BLACKPINK fans recently found out that Jisoo was present at a staff member’s birthday party. It was a small and warm party between close friends. Jisoo attended in simple clothes and revealed natural visuals in her daily life. 

Even with barely any makeup on, Jisoo still looks radiant. In low-quality phone camera photos, the female idol’s facial features still look outstandingly pretty, especially her sparkly eyes and heart-shaped lips. Among her tall friends, Jisoo looks extra tiny. 

BLACKPINK Jisoo daily-life visuals
Jisoo at the staff’s birthday party. Her natural makeup and simple clothes don’t make her visuals any less outstanding
BLACKPINK Jisoo daily-life visuals
She looks tiny next to others 
BLACKPINK Jisoo daily-life visuals
Jisoo had fun at the party without dressing up and wearing fancy makeup

Jisoo’s beauty is as elegant and lovely as that of Miss Korea. Other members of BLACKPINK also commented that Jisoo has a top-notch appearance. Therefore, with or without makeup, Jisoo still exudes a goddess aura.

BLACKPINK Jisoo daily-life visuals
Jisoo’s beauty has never let people down
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