Image of BLACKPINK Jisoo and her on-screen brother taken together attracted great attention from netizens

Actor Song Gun-hee has revealed a new photo taken with BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

On the 22nd, Song Gun-hee posted a picture along with the caption “Young-woo” on his Instagram.

The photo shows Song Gun-hee and Jisoo‘s close relationship.  The two created a V sign with a refreshing smile in a park.  Song Gun-hee exudes a youthful and masculine beauty.

jisoo song gun hee

Jisoo shows off her goddess beauty with long flowing hair.  Fans cheered with comments like “So cute”, “I miss you”, “Nice to see you two taking pictures together”, and “A handsome man and a beautiful woman”.

Meanwhile, Song Geon-hee and Ji-soo appeared in JTBC’s Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Snowdrop‘ as siblings Eun Young-woo and Eun Young-ro, respectively.

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