“More like a drama than an actual drama…” Kyu Hyun shared the reason why he cried watching “Single’s Inferno 2”

Super Junior Kyu Hyun said he cried while watching Netflix’s entertainment show “Single’s Inferno 2.”

On the morning of Dec 13th, a production presentation for Netflix’s “Single’s Inferno” season 2 was held live online. Hong Jin Kyung, Lee Da Hee, Kyu Hyun, Han Hae, and producers Kim Jae Won and Kim Na Hyun attended the event.

During the interview, Kyu Hyun said, “Season 1 was also a big hit, but I think season 2 will show more than that. I was extremely immersed while watching the show.”


“The cast of season 2 has a perfect narrative,” he said, adding, “If season 1 was an alternation between laughter and tears, you will see a narrative that makes you feel like you are watching a drama this season. It’s more like a drama than a drama. In season 2, each character appeares with confidence, but someone will fall while some other will be joyful, and their narrative was perfectly organized,” he said, raising expectations.

Another fun part of “Single’s Inferno 2” is the reaction of the MCs. It is said that Kyu Hyun sobbed because he was so immersed in the show. Hong Jin Kyung said, “Kyu Hyun cried a lot.”

In response, Kyu Hyun said, “I don’t usually cry. It must be extremely sad for me to cry,” he admitted.

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Producer Kim Na Hyun added in, “Kyu Hyun really did cry a lot.”

Producer Kim Jae Won said, “This time, many behind-the-scenes videos will be released through YouTube.” In response, Hong Jin Kyung said, “I said a lot of harsh words, please delete those.”

“Single’s Inferno 2” is an honest and hot dating reality show of single men and women on a remote island called “Hell Island,” and only couples that choose each other can go to “Heaven Island”. “Single’s Inferno 2” will be released on Netflix on Dec 13th.

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