Song Ji Hyo’s stylist changed and her style also changed completely… Yoo Jae Suk praised “So cool”

Actress Song Ji Hyo’s overall visuals, such as her outfits, have improved. This is the result of her recent stylist change.

The fact that Song Ji Hyo‘s stylist changed was first revealed through the opening of SBS’ entertainment show “Running Man”, which aired on Nov 20th.

song ji hyo running man

On this day, Song Ji Hyo appeared in a leather vest reminiscent of “Black Widow” and attracted the members’ attention. From Yoo Jae Suk to Haha, everyone exclaimed, “It’s like you’re going to an awards ceremony today. So cool.

song ji hyo running man

Yoo Jae Suk praised, “This often happens when you get your stylist changed. It means that you’ll show something. You’re showing your presence in a different style than usual.” Song Ji Hyo smiled shyly, but was pleased with the members’ compliments.

Meanwhile, Song Ji Hyo had a hard time with her hairstyle and awards ceremony outfits last year.

song ji hyo

Song Ji Hyo recently attracted great attention by showing a different style through broadcasts and SNS. She recently signed an exclusive contract with her new agency “Uzurocks”, and her stylist is known to have changed.

Source: Naver

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