All the times IU sings congratulatory songs at wedding, even gained several “fanboys”

IU has sung at too many weddings so far, netizens even joke that “wedding singer” is the idol-actress’ side job 

As one of the leading female soloists in Kpop, IU never ceased to be the talk of town. On the other hand, the idol-actress is constantly appearing at weddings, and delivering romantic songs in her sweet, soulful voice. Some netizens even joke that IU may as well be a full-time wedding singer by now, even turning the wedding into her own concert. 

iu The 42nd Korean Association of Film Critics Awards

“Wedding singer” IU was escorted by Lee Jong Suk, gained a gang of celebrity fanboys 

IU once drew attention for appearing in the wedding of drummer Jim Seung Ho and performing her mega hit “Good Day”. The performance video, which featured IU’s powerful vocals, quickly went viral, and the excited cheers of IU’s “fanboys”, which include Zico, Crush, Penomeco also drew attention.

Zico, Crush, and Penomeco excited cheered for IU

The celebrity trio even knew IU’s fanchant by heart and enjoyed the song so much, many guests were surprised. In the end, netizens compared their excitement to loyal fans whole-heartedly enjoying a concert. 

IU also became a hot topic for singing a congratulatory song at the wedding of Lee Jong Suk’s younger brother, and brought an outstanding performance of “Meaning Of You”. Lee Jong Suk even escorted the idol-actress himself as the wedding ended. 

IU attended the wedding of Lee Jong Suk’s younger brother
lee jong suk
Lee Jong Suk escorted IU when the wedding ended 

Special days with her bestfriends: from the wedding of Yoo In Na’s manager to T-ARA Jiyeon

Busy as she is, IU never misses out on special occasions with her best friends, and used to gain a lot of praise for her performance at the wedding of Yoo In Na’s manager. 

IU sang at the wedding of Yoo In Na’s manager 
Yoo In Na and IU boasts an admirable friendship 

Recently on December 12th, IU went to the big day of T-ARA Jiyeon, who is her same-aged best friend. It is reported that IU was among the earliest to arrive at the wedding, and decided to sing “Blueming” and send a lot of well-wishes. 

In response, the whole venue sang along to the melody of Blueming, turning the wedding into a “mini concert”. IU also gifts Jiyeon a pearl tiara along with the message, “Live like a queen”. This is an extremely well-thought-out present, seeing that the tiara is reminiscent of Jiyeon’s group T-ARA, while the pearl is Jiyeon’s birthstone. 

IU sang “Blueming” at Jiyeon’s wedding 
iu- jiyeon
The idol-actress not only arrived early, but also brought a meaningful present 

Source: k14

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