Jeon Somi to Han So Hee “You’re pretty, but could you check your DM?”

Jeon Somi expressed her affection as a fan towards Han So Hee.

On August 23rd, HyunA appeared as a guest in the first episode of Channel TEO’s web entertainment show “Yes or Hot”.

hyuna jeon somi

HyunA asked Jeon Somi,Do you like Han So Hee?” Jeon Somi replied without hesitation, “She’s pretty.” Jeon Somi caused laughter as she lamented cutely, “I sent her (a DM) ‘I don’t know you’ll read this, but I’m your fan’ with a heart. Until now she didn’t read it.

Then, to the production team’s explanation, HyunA responded, “Han So Hee left me comments? When? I really didn’t know.” Han So Hee’s comments, which revealed her fan heart to HyunA, were revealed.

hyuna jeon somi

Jeon Somi showed jealousy, “She didn’t read my DM yet. I even liked her posts multiple times. So Hee, could you check your DM?

When HyunA asked “What if she contacts you after watching this video?“, Jeon Somi shared, “I’ll say I’m having a meal with HyunA right now. Curve the person! And open up just a little. My flirting technique.

hyuna jeon somi

Meanwhile, “Yes or Hot” is a talk show in which host Jeon Somi and the guests have to eat spicy food if they cannot say “Yes” to the questions given by each other.

Source: Naver

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