Stand tall as a trending actor 3 years after debut…Please pay attention to Moon Sang Min in 2023

Moon Sang Min debuted in the 2019 web drama “4 Reasons Why I Hate Christmas” and made his face known by playing Ko Gun Pyung in Netflix’s series “My Name” (2021). In particular, last year, he took on the role of Grand Prince Seongnam in tvN’s “Under the Queen’s Umbrella” and was well received by viewers for showing his ever-changing charm.

As a result, in January, he was selected as a highly-anticipated male actor (rookie) who will lead 2023 at the 2023 Korea First Brand Awards, where about 410,000 people participated in the vote.

Moon Sang Min, who expressed his desire to contribute as much as he was loved, will visit the small screen through TVING’s original series “Duty After School”, which is scheduled to be released in March.

moon sang min

“Duty After School” is a sci-fi thriller that depicts the story of all students from all over the country conscripted and fighting to gain extra points by fighting unidentified objects ahead of the SAT. In this work, Moon Sang Min plays Wang Tae Man, the mood maker of Class 2, Grade 12 and the owner of the “groundless confidence” that cannot be hated.

moon sang min

Attention is focused on what kind of performance Moon Sang Min, who started another acting transformation, will present.

Source: wikitree

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